The Society Evolves

When Mrs MacKay left her teaching post at Aireborough Grammar School the traditional link with G&S in the school died and so the numbers of Old Scholars with a G&S background declined. This situation had an effect upon recruitment for the cast and the producer was sometimes faced with the situation of putting on a production with fewer cast members than was desirable. Initially a few non Old Scholars who were connected with cast members were invited to become members. Subsequently and after much discussion, the committee decided that, in order to continue to present the operas with a full cast and so preserve the highest standards which the Society had achieved, it must consider altering the constitution of the Society to make it one with an open membership. So the Society became the Aireborough Gilbert & Sullivan Society with an open membership and the 1973 production of “The Sorcerer” and “Trial by Jury” was its first as an open society. The gradual increase in the membership added to the established musical talents of the cast as well as widening the availability of principals.

In 1985 the Society was saddened to hear that Mrs MacKay had decided to retire as the Society’s Musical Director. Her dedicated and professional leadership had established the highest possible standards in all aspects of the Society and her presence within the Society was sadly missed. Changes in circumstances necessitated new appointments in official positions within the Society: Presidents, Chairmen, Producers and Musical Directors, all making their special contribution to the ongoing success of the Society.