Building on Success

After this show, and all subsequent shows, lessons were learned and the committees made changes to put right any aspects of the organisation which needed adjustment to ensure the smooth running of the Society. Periodically this has included raising the seat prices to cover production costs (4/6d for the best seats and 2/6d for the cheapest in the early years). From 1958 the Society moved forward with productions each February given at Yeadon Town Hall. The choices of opera covered the full range of the Savoy Operas with the exceptions of “Thespis” and “The Grand Duke” with some of the better known operas being performed more frequently than others. The quality of the productions and the standard of singing became a feature of the Society. Audiences responded well and the “House Full” notices appeared on a number of occasions.

In the early years, Tuesday night performances of the show were dedicated to the local schools and school based organisations that filled the theatre. Their enthusiastic reception of the performances, especially the very lively and amusing episodes was a great start for the cast for whom this was looked on as an extra Dress Rehearsal. This situation continued for many years but eventually the number of schools attending declined and the Society decided to include Tuesday as a normal evening performance. Another feature of the early years was a performance of the current show at High Royds Hospital, for the patients, on the Monday evening following show week.